Special Packages & Rates

The Marwar is a rare breed of horse from the Marwar India. Known for its inward-turning ear tips, it comes in all equine colors, although pinto patterns tend to be the most popular with buyers and breeders. The horse is known for its hardiness. A polo pony is used in the game of polo. They may be of any breed or combination of breeds, though many have a significant amount of Thoroughbred breeding. Polo ponies have their manes roached and tails braided up so that there is no danger of being tangled in the mallet. The Thorough bred is best known for its use in horse racing but are also used for other activities like riding, show jumping, combined training, dressage, polo, and fox hunting. They are considered "hot-blooded" horses, known for their agility, speed and spirit with their origin in England. The Kathiawari is a breed from Kathiawar peninsula, India. The bread resembles the Marwari horse. It was originally bred as a desert war horse for use over long distances, in rough terrain, on minimal rations. They are found in all colors except for black.

Special Horse Riding Packages

Changunarayan Tour

This tour comprises of about 3 hours starting from the GFR. The cost of the trip is US$ 250 NETT per horse per person. This tour brings you to countryside and only experienced rider can do trot and canter. We recommend this tour to only experienced rider. The weight limit of this ride is maximum of 90 Kg.

Thali Village Tour

This tour to Thali village will take around 2 hours starting from GRK. The cost of this trip is US$ 150 NETT per horse per person. Unlike the tour to Changunarayan, this tip limits your time at main traffic outside the resort which is favorable for intermediate and beginners too. The weight limit of this ride is ride is maximum of 90 kg.

Shivapuri wildlife reserve Tour

Tour to Shivapur wildlife reserve is about 8-10 hours starting from the resort. This trip costs US$ 320 NETT per horse per person. It will take about 2 hours to go around the shivapuri wild life reserve. Do not get surprised if you see wild animals (spotted deer, barking deer, etc.) passing through you during the tour. This ride is recommended for both the experienced and intermediate riders. The maximum weight limit for this ride is 90 kg.

Chisapani Tour

This trip is about 10-12 hours starting from GFR. The cost of the ride is US$ 350 NETT per horse per person. This ride starts at 6 AM from GFR. We require you have your riding gear on with helmet. Riding chaps/boot is recommended. Since this ride goes on the mountain top with altitude of more than 2000 metres, we do not recommend this ride to person who have breathing problem with altitude rise. This ride is for experienced riders only. Like other packages, maximum weight allowed per person is 90 kg.

Horse Riding Rates

Horse Back Riding Duration Weekday(USD) Weekend(USD)
Pony Ride (with groom & helmet)
45 minutes
Horse Ride (with instructor & helmet)
45 minutes
Experienced Solo Pony Ride
45 minutes
Experienced Solo Horse Ride
45 minutes
Pony Ride (with groom and helmet)
1 hour
Horse Ride (with instructor & helmet)
1 hour
Minimum 7 days prior reservation required to book horseback special packages
  • A truly beautiful property that has clean well-appointed rooms which are large and spacious. One can truly appreciate the way the royalty lived when moving through this resort. The central courtyard, adjoining golf course and the various jungle hikes and nature walks one can do are added attractions. The food is good and so is the service.
    - Muthir Banting, Malaysia
  • I stayed here with My Husband and Brother in law for 1 Night only. We found the staff to be very helpful and friendly. I am Coeliac, once we advised our waiter of this the F & B Manager took care of all of My Meal Selections and Prep. We had a game of Golf within the resort and loved watching the many Deer and Monkeys as we played. We all had a massage in the Spa & would recommend
    - Kev Mel, Australia
  • Highly recommended. Our family enjoyed our weekend getaway at Gokarna Forest Resort. The have a heated pool and jacuzzi, massage services (professional), and an amazing breakfast. We really enjoyed walking around the facilities and playing with their tame deer, riding horses, and swimming.
    - Phillip

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