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Forest Walk.

Your memorable stay within the Gokarna Forest Resort would be incomplete without a proper walk within the centuries old protected forest. Explore the enchanted forest grounds with our local guides who will show you historical places, temples and interesting spots.

As you roam deep within the forest canopy, catch a glimpse of the abundant wildlife that call Gokarna home. Deer, monkeys, pangolins, and exotic birds are just a few of the animals you are guaranteed to spot - you may even spot a leopard!

Bird Watching.

Nepal is host to over 866 bird’s species, which accounts for about 8% of bird species found around the world. Of the species found in Nepal, 35 are globally threatened species, 19 near extinction species, and 15 restricted-range species.

Home to over 60 bird species, The Gokarna Forest Resort is an ornithological paradise. The resort offers specialized tours inside the protected forest, giving birdwatchers the opportunity to spot several exotic species in their natural habitats including Lesser Yellow nape, Grey-headed Woodpecker, Orange-bellied Leafbird, Long-tailed Minivet, Yellowbellied Fantail, Ashy Wood Pigeon, Brown Fish and Brown Wood Owls.


Cycling within the hotel premise or to nearby villages is yet another activity for sport lovers. Just hire a bicycle and enjoy biking in a pollutant free environment.

  • Nrs. 1500 NETT per person per day

Cart Tour.

Not a golfer? No problem! Take a cart tour of one of South East Asia’s finest world class golf courses.

A popular and highly recommended activity, the cart tour is an excellent way to appreciate the harmonious relationship between the golf course and the Gokarna forest. Traverse the 18 hole course while encountering spotted deer, barking deer, migratory birds, monkeys, and even leopards all without leaving your golf cart! Do not forget to bring your camera!!

  • Nrs. 1500 + taxes per cart per 20 minutes Tour
  • Nrs. 4000 + taxes per cart per 20 minutes (6 seaters) Tour
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